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City of Lake St. Croix Beach: A Brief History

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In Washington County, Lake Saint Croix Beach developed as a river community much later. The city was never home to loggers or commercial business, but rather remained a rural farming community.

In the early 1890s, investors foresaw a tourist boom, and because of this bought land in Lake St. Croix Beach. As automobiles became more prevalent residents of the Twin Cities began coming to Lake St. Croix Beach for recreation, and many bought summer homes. A lakefront community of about 100 blocks was developed in the city by the 1920s.

The City of Lake St. Croix Beach experienced more significant development in years after the depression. In 1952, the community was incorporated, and in 1974 Lake St. Croix Beach became a city. Today, Lake St. Croix Beach continues to flourish and is the perfect lakefront destination to live and recreate.

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