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The Near North community can be found in the north-western side of the city of Minneapolis. A collection of six distinct neighborhoods, the community is known for being one of the quieter and more peaceful areas to live in Minneapolis. Residents enjoy the numerous parks and open spaces as well as the close proximity to the downtown area. Near North is known for containing a diverse community, with an influx of Mexican, Hmong, Somali and Jewish residents in the past 40 years. The diversity offers a well-cultured community that is vibrant and welcoming. With many community events, initiatives, organizations and activities for residents to get involved with, the Near North community is a dynamic and close-knit area of around 30,000 residents.

Near North’s proximity to the downtown area makes it a perfect spot for those who desire to live in an urban setting without being in the heart of the hustle and bustle. With many employers and businesses located all around, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Minnesota Highway 100 and Interstate 94 run along either side of the Near North community and to the south lies Interstate 394. These major roads provide residents with access to the entire Twin Cities metro area. If you would like to learn more about the Near North community and the individual neighborhoods found within it, please feel free to check out our supporting articles.

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